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Our Mission. Our Values.

OUR MISSION - Connections that last a lifetime...

Inspired by a fascination with quantum entanglement, StrangeCharm is an Edinburgh-based film production company, dedicated to exploring the importance of connection, and what it means to be human.

By sharing stories that explore family bonds, STRANGECharm's mission is to forge connections through our films that support, develop and highlight new and upcoming talent.

We bring the Charm of STRANGERS to the attention of industry stakeholders such as Talent Management Agents, Casting Directors and Producers.

OUR VALUES - What really drives us

KNOWING our worth: StrangeCharm believe passionately that our talented artists and skilled technicians deserve to be valued for their worth and craft. That is why we endeavour to pay our artists and techs for their time, aspiring to reach Equity / BECTU rates by 2026. 

Connection: We believe in maintaining a strong connection with our audience and each other, creating an enriching experience for anyone involved in our projects.

Continuous Learning: We believe in continuously learning from our experiences and each other, and using our connections to grow as people.

HONESTY: We dedicate ourselves to honest storytelling that accounts a range of topics with the fundamentality of being human at its core.

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