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About StrangeCharm. 

StrangeCharm was formed in 2023 at Edinburgh Napier University, by two undergraduate students - Emily Ramsdale-Jones and Michael Robert-Brown.


Emily Ramsdale-Jones


Michael Robert-Brown

Named after two flavours of quark, 'strange', and 'Charm', we formed our company to not only produce projects with human connection at its core, but to connect real people, like ourselves, creating opportunities for everyone. Young to old, those with years of experience to those looking for their first acting credit.


As founding members from different generations and areas of the country, our passion for connection became paramount.

StrangeCharm are independent film-makers, created to help artists and technicians take their first steps into the industry.

We strive to balance existing and up-and-coming performers and crews, because StrangeCharm exist to bring emerging talented to the attention of industry decision-makers, building creative networks of established professionals to mentor and nurture new entrants to the world of film-making.

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