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BE AN Angel ...

StrangeCharm are immensely grateful to our sponsors and partners. Film-making, even on a small scale, is an expensive business, and (let's be honest) financial returns are few and far between.

Art has always relied on patrons and sponsors. StrangeCharm use Ko-fi, to offer you the chance to sponsor our projects, allowing you to make a one-off donation, or subscribe to a tiered patronage model.

our Seraphim

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Daedalus logo filled transparent backgro

So whether you're in charge of the Ruritania Sovereign Wealth Fund, or would just like to buy us a coffee, StrangeCharm are always open to discussing sponsorship, investment and partnering opportunities. Perhaps we will be the right fit for you!

FUNDRAISING: The story so far

Keeping a regular eye on how close we are to funding our first projects ...


CASH AT HAND (£1500)



ANGELIC tiers *


Donate up to £20, and receive:


StrangeCharm pin badge &

Our grateful thanks!


Donate between up to £50, and receive: 


Angel tier rewards,  plus:

Your name in the film credits

StrangeCharm T-shirt or tote bag


Donate up to £150, and receive:


ARCHANGEL tier rewards, plus:

Your name/logo on our website

Signed screenplay


Donate over £150, and receive:


CHERUB tier rewards, plus:

Your name/logo on the movie poster

Signed framed poster

* We were going to name these after the other flavours of quark, but they are "UP", "DOWN", "TOP" & "BOTTOM", WHICH WAS STARTING TO GET A BIT WEIRD ...

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